The Traffic Report

Turning graphs and numbers to a visual story that is easy to tell, and easy to understand.

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The traffic report shows the outcomes of a series of experiments held in Tel Aviv, to measure and find solutions for the city traffic issues.

The goal was to create a visual experience that will reflect the data collected during the experiments, and will also present insights and recommendations in a clear visual way.

Our Job
Data Visualisation
Graphic Design
This project began with raw data, excel sheets, graphs and numbers, and we had to take all that and build a narrative with visuals to support it.

Creating a high visual impact was very important for the client in order to differentiate, and grab his audience attention, so we decided that animation and movement will play a key part in this project.

After some sketches were done, we had a solid visual concept where every circle will represent 500 vehicles. from that point the road was clear and we managed to create a presentation that is both visually appealing, easy to explain and easy to understand

And it even got an article in the Israel leading financial newspaper